Flower care

Yay, you got flowers! Now let's help them last as long as possible. The Country Store Flower Care 101 will provide tips to make your flowers look great and last longer. Follow these tips below to long-lasting flowers. 


So you just had flowers delivered to you, now what?:

  • Keep flowers away from drafts and extreme temperatures.

  • Do not place your arrangement near fruit or in the path of cigarette smoke.

  • Avoid placing flower arrangements in windowsills and other areas with full sun where flowers can wilt due to overheating.


How to keep your flowers looking fresh:

  • Keep your vase filled with water! Flowers will drink A LOT in the first few days. All flower & foliage stems should be submerged. Flowers stay fresher, longer whne they get a drink.

  • If your flowers came in a container with foam, add fresh water everyday.

  • Immediately remove dead or wilting leaves and stems.

  • Watch your water. When it gets cloudy, it's time to change it out.


Changing the water in your flower arrangment:

  • Remove any dead or dying flowers from the arrangement.

  • Clean the vase thoroughly.

  • Replace the water and mix in the flower preservative attached to your flowers.

  • Cut stems with a sharp scissors to allow for better water absorption.